Third International Youth Language Festival

      We're happy to confirm that the Third International Youth Language Festival will be held at "Laine puhkekodu" ( in Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia, on July 12-18, 2020. The event is organised in cooperation with IOL (International Olympiad in linguistics, and appears as part of the Estonia 100 event list (events held in 2018-2020 to commemorate the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, At the local level it is also supported by Narva Language Lyceum (
      The programme of the Festival already traditionally consists of several blocks of lectures, each block being devoted to one particular language, the total number of languages having been 12 and 11 in the first years and prognosed to be similar to that or a bit more in 2020. All of them will be performed by professional linguists, some of them will at the same time be native-speakers. Part of the lecturers will represent the IOL problem committee, others are practicing linguists and teachers from the Universities in Russia, Estonia, Spain, Bulgaria, Brazil and, probably, some other countries. The programmes and details concerning the two first festivals can be studied in the corresponding pages (2018) and (2019). The programme and the list of languages for 2020 will be announced closer to the event. All the lectures and accompanying events are performed in English.
      The proposed age of the listeners is between 15 and 20 years old, that is similar to what an average IOL contestant is, though no age restriction is set. Aiming at the mentioned age category we also might arrange some classes on solving/composing linguistic problems (one of such was held by Ivan Derzhanski at IYLF2).
      The participation fee is 400 euro per participant, which includes accommodation, meals and the lecturing programme. Transfers from Tallinn and St. Petersburg can also be organised upon request. Also, for those going to the 18th IOL in Ventspils, Latvia, a direct transfer bus will be provided from Narva-Jõesuu to Ventspils on Saturday, July 18, price to be calculated depending on the number of passengers.
      The deadline for applications to participate is set as April 15 for now. Both individual and group applications are accepted. The former should contain applicant's name, date of birth, country, city and the name of the school, while the latter may just by now (to reserve places) contain country/city, number of participants and contact person's details, as we understand that in some countries groups are expected to be formed later based on national olympiads' results etc. All the applications should be sent to the e-mail listed below.
      Please mind that the organising committee reserves the right to stop accepting applications once the total number of participants reaches the limit of our capacities even prior to the date above mentioned.
      For all the further information please contact Stanislav Gurevich (e-mail:, phone: +34664427197 (also WhatsApp) or +37255911625, skype: stasssniff, telegram +79219462692).